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Open Ended Play 

"Play is nature's away of teaching children how to solve their own problems, control their impulses, modulate their emotions, see from others' perspective, negotiate differences, and get along with others as equals"

- Peter Gray, Free to learn

Movements Create a Ride

A child is thrilled by the "hanging" from a monkey bar and the "climbing" up a wall. We combine maximum movements in a playground to make it more fun for the child!
We design playgrounds to allow as many movements as possible via multiple accesses through the rides.

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Creating Multiple Points of Entry

Movements of Play to achieve open-ended play. The more the child explores different combinations to use the rides, the more they are encouraged to innovate and discover their own interpretation. Conventional rides like slides, see-saws and swings were connected using obstacle-courses that would allow multiple entry-exit points to the playgrounds, creating magnified versions of the modern jungle gyms.

Open Ended Play allows the child to think for himself and explore the playground in his own way, enabling imagination and creativity.

The intent was to create a ride that doesn't limit the child to the movement of climbing up and sliding down the kid. The rides designed focus on providing multiple entry and exit points to allow the child to use the rides in his own unique creative manner.

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