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Why do we do this ?

We were disheartened to find that even though 70% of Indians reside in rural areas, More than 50% of these schools are dilapidated and the other 50% are built as hallowed concrete boxes. Our aim with grassroot.ed is to empower the construction of these schools through pragmatic design solutions.

Meet our team

Ayushi Motiwalla

Architect, Partner

Anant Fellow 22' // Author

She has an innocent faith in the goodness of people. Through grassroot.ed she hopes to further this faith by spreading smiles and positivity. She is adamant about using architecture as a tool to solve tangible problems that face our developing society. Assertive about the influence thoughtful design can have on its users she navigates her work to be holistically utilitarian. She believes that any building must be culturally, economically and ecologically conscious in order for it to create an optimum experience for its end user.

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Pranay Motta

Architect, Partner

UCLA 22'//LEED Green Associate

Lets make India better.

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